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At EyeCane, we create autonomous devices to help the visually impaired navigate more efficiently than ever before. With our novel and patented solution, we guarantee the best possible navigation for you and your loved ones.

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How We Got Here

EyeCane was first started in 2017 by our current CEO and Founder Neil Mitra for his science fair project. He developed a device at that time called the "Intelligent Cane (iCane)" which won him the Silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair that same year. In 2018 he continued to develop the iCane and filed a full US patent for his invention. 

In 2019, he decided that it was time to make the iCane accessible to all visually impaired individuals. He join a local startup incubator which was a feeder to the MIT LaunchX  International High School Start-up Competition. There he met EyeCane's current CTO, Erik Lungulescu.

EyeCane was selected as one of the twenty out of 1000 startups in the world to pitch in MIT LaunchX Global demo day. Currently EyeCane is in the process of mass market research and funding development.

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The Problem and the Solution

                The current method that visually impaired individuals use to navigate is by using their white canes and tactile paving, which can cost up to 30 million dollars to implement in a city like Toronto. This method of navigation is expensive and inefficient.

               Today, that changes. EyeCane is proposing a socially assistive "robotic guide dog" that guides a visually impaired individual to their desired locations - automatically!

                    This patented prototype can navigate away from obstacles, have a GPS locator to guide the person to their destination, and heart rate monitors in case of medical emergency. This invention will also help the aging population with mobility inside houses, shopping malls, hospitals, and other critical infrastructures both indoors and outdoors.

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MIT LaunchX Clubs Video Pitch

EyeCane was selected as one of the twenty out of 1000 high school startups in the world to attend LaunchX Club's International Demo Day at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Here is EyeCane's video pitch showcasing our company.

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